Treasure Tomb

Treasure Tomb

Will someone dare cross the booby trapped floor of the Treasure Tomb? Your customers must choose their path with care. The odds on each step are constantly displayed and highlighted as you hover over each slab sweating over the next move. Any mistake results in a painful, but swift end. Beware the spider's bite, the sting of the poison dart, the fatal ray of the mummies gaze and the falling rocks. They must make their way to the emerald eyed idol, but not forget to leave a path to return on. Collect at any time, unless they are brave enough to steal the jewel and return!

Game features

Multiple loss animations
Player choice movement
Rolling winnings

  • Min Bet: £0.1
  • Max Bet: £50
  • Max Winning: £10,000
  • RTP: 94.80

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