Sharp Shooter

Sharp Shooter

If dice games are how your customers roll, then Sharp Shooter is a unique online table game to set your sights on. A brand new format delivered with a classic casino feel, Sharp Shooter mixes simple rules with compelling play and regular wins to deliver a game that's sure to join the 'Most Wanted' list for online casino fans.

Slinging three standard casino dice as the weapon of choice, players get three tension-building shots at the House's target – take down that target and the reward is in the bag with bigger bounties for sharp shooters who dispatch their opposition with ruthless efficiency!

- A game by Probability Jones.

Game features

Unique and new Casino suite
Only available here
Roll timer function

  • Min Bet: £0.1
  • Max Bet: £200
  • Max Winning: £1,600
  • RTP: 95.70%

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