1X2gaming complete Suite of 16 HTML5 Mini-Games

Brighton, England 17/11/2014

1X2gaming is pleased to announce it has completed a suite of 16 mini-games, including blackjack, roulette, 3 virtual football games, three card poker and 10 minislots. The mini games are based on 1X2gaming's existing HTML5 portfolio, that have been optimised to be displayed around other main content. It is hoped that they will be utilised by new and existing clients in situations where their customers main focus might be on other content such as, in-play football markets, bingo or poker. In these types of situation, there is an opportunity to provide players with additional quick, and easy betting options for when there is a pause in the main content. The games have been optimised for display in areas 270px wide by 350px high, but will work at other dimensions as well.

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